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Be Charge, a company of the Be Power SpA Group, is building one of the largest and most widespread network of public charging infrastructures for e-mobility in Italy. Within the industry sector chain, Be Charge plays both the role of operator and owner of the charging infrastructures network (CPO) and the one of provider of charging and electric mobility services, interfacing with electric vehicle users (EMSP). The entire charging process can be managed through the Be Charge App, which offers advanced digital services and a simple and intuitive user experience. Info: www.bec.energy


Estrima was born in 2008 in Pordenone from the creative and unconventional ideas of its founder Matteo Maestri. The goal was to create, manufacture and distribute Birò: the smallest 4wheel electric vehicle with 2 seats side by side. Born to make easier the daily journeys in the city, satisfying the growing demand of the urban population attentive to environmental problems, simplification of the travel and time optimization. Birò is also very safe thanks to its shaped steel structure, the protective cell for you and the passenger. Info: www.estrima.com

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Today’s energy world is ever changing and evolving. Enel X is a global business offering smart, simple, and fast technologies and services to help our customers make more intelligent decisions about the way energy is created, stored and managed. Join the nearly 3,400 North American energy customers spanning more than 10,000 sites that have partnered with Enel X to identify and solve their unique energy challenges and capitalize on their biggest opportunities. Info: www.enelx.com


FLOWBIRD addresses the sector of urban mobility, transport and parking management for a “Smart City”. With dedicated solutions and over 40 years of partnerships abroad, 25 years with Rome and 10 with Milan, it provides its customers and partners with a global vision to offer solutions and technologies capable of responding to the new needs of mobility and integration of systems. Info: www.flowbird.group


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