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The European Commission promotes and supports the main thematic areas of Citytech 2018. From the upgrading and integration of the urban spaces with more green areas to the interconnectivity between different means of transport to encourage citizen’s smart moving. Moreover, the necessity of introducing and valorise new technologies in the management of movements is important too, as well as pushing for a stronger affirmation of a green and sustainable mobility in the city centre and in the peripheries. So, Citytech represents one of the most glaring examples of the attempt of the European Commission to combine the process of digitalisation, sustainable growth (a pillar of the circular economy), smart mobility and rehabilitation of the urban design. These projects are therefore necessarily implemented and sustained on the local ground by the Representation of the European Commission in Milan.


Technical Partner

With 9,700 employees, the Atm Group manages the urban and suburban public transport services in Milan and Monza, the Copenhagen Metro, the car parks and on-street parking service, the vehicle towaway and storage services and the bike sharing service by means of technologically advanced sustainable mobility systems. Milan’s transport network includes four metro lines covering almost 100 km, with 2,300 journeys a day. 180 bus, tram and trolley-bus lines build up the surface network, totalling 24,000 daily rides. Every day ATM transports more than 2 million passengers just in Milan, for a total of 750 million passengers a year.





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Co-Organized Event

QualeMobility Forum by Legambiente and Lorien Consulting will organize on Friday 14th at Citytech the workshop titled “Green Mobility, how to change the city”. The new sustainable mobility urban plans, capable of redesigning not only mobility but also public spaces, and the air quality restoration plans, represent today in European cities the most advanced frontier of mobility change that, thanks to technology, is always more electric, connected, shared and intermodal. Active participation in social plan actions is essential to achieving sustainability targets. The new mobility can be sustainable nowadays, from an economical and social perspective, only if undertaken involving communities in the workplace, welfare policies in companies and institutions: proposals, experiences, projects of integrated mobility are already a reality in Italy.


The non-profit association “Tesla Owners Italia – Tecnologia e Ambiente” is officially recognized by Tesla and promote the vision of Elon Musk for the transition from an economy based on fossil energy to one based on energy from renewable sources through the dissemination of electric vehicles, products for the production and storage of electricity. We encourage our members and our public to organize themselves for self-production, storage and distribution of energy and the use of electric vehicles. We hold the world record of autonomy with 1078 km traveled on a single charge. During Citytech, Friday 14th of September,  it will be organized the first Tesla Owners Italia Forum.

Side Event

After the London and Chicago editions, on September 15th and 16th the Bosch Mobility Hackathon will take place in Milan, after the Citytech. The aim of the Bosch event is to develop solutions, strategies and functional products to take up the challenges of future mobility in the following areas: parking, traffic flow, multi-modal and access. Info:


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