Thematic Areas

The leitmotif of the different thematic areas analysed during Citytech is the THIRD MILLENNIUM DISTRICT theme.

The arrival and development of the so called “digital culture” reshape the urban landscape. The coordination of the huge amount of people living in the today’s megacities can’t take place without the use of digital technologies, for the management of large amount of data, for the developing of essential services for the citizen, from the mobility to the health care, and for the efficiency of all control system, from traffic to safety.

Integrated transports, mobility co-design and urban planning, energy requalification, electric mobility, technologies to collect of information on the territory, expansion of car sharing and bike sharing, there are some of the core features of the so called “innovative district” or “third millennium district”, that is what allows easy connections between people, promotes the creation of long term initiatives, attracts talents and capitals, encourages sharing and collaborative behaviour, always taking into account the needs of sustainability.


Suburbs revaluation, through enhancement projects of the existing heritage, by requalification of streets, public areas, green areas, integrated with initiative and social projects. In this context, the railway stations and their retraining are central to rebuild the urban fabric by promoting connections between districts.

Promote an integrated and multimodal mobility at a metropolitan and regional level, with new infrastructures and with an integrated planning of the various means of transport.

Districts transports, local mobility, sharing vehicles offers and innovative services also on call and autonomous driving.

Policy to promote electric mobility in private and corporate contexts and for freight transport.

The “low emission zones” are policies aimed to protect the urban centre and suburbs from heavy traffic, not only for environmental aspects, but also for safety.

The contribution of new technologies to find a parking spot and parking management: App, technological solutions and international best practices.