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Gold Sponsor

UJET is offering a new generation of smart urban mobility solutions. That empowers the urban communities to create more sustainable cities through the use of smart technologies and nano-augmented materials. UJET wants to redefine the way city lovers move for the better. The mission is to create the perfect balance between high-tech, sustainable thinking and lifestyle. Info: www.ujet.com



Silver Sponsor

PARK IT is an Italian company and the exclusive partner of Scheidt & Bachmann, German company for Automation and Parking Management Plants, and of IEM Group, Swiss company for parking meteres and management solutions for the “smart city”. Park It always distinguished itself in the marketplace for the reliability of its products and for the company’s flexibility, ensuring in this way to the customer the right solution to its needs. Innovation, Integration and Optimization are the key words used in researching of tools of managment’s of mobility in the city, airport, hospital or any other design context. Info: www.parkit.it

Park it is partner of , company of planning for the research and development in the sector of the sustainable electric-hybrid mobility. Park It can offers complete solutions for engineer, conversion and installation of electric – hybrid Petrol / Diesel / Methane fueled vehicles. Complete customization of electric and hybrid vehicles such as citycar – van – minibus, by ensuring high autonomy and low prices.


Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments. We operate one of the world’s most advanced processing networks — VisaNet — that is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second, with fraud protection for consumers and assured payment for merchants. Visa’s innovations, however, enable its financial institution customers to offer consumers more choices: pay now with debit, pay ahead with prepaid or pay later with credit products. Info: www.visa.com

Supporter Sponsor

car2go is a mobility service offered by Daimler AG. Born in 2008, it is the first and bigger carsharing system in the world without fixed rental locations and has set up a new segment: cars can be rented anywhere and at any time for a reasonable price. car2go is currently located in 26 cities, in eight countries, on three continents with approximately 14.000 vehicles and 2.7 million clients who rented the cars for over 88 million times. Every 1.2 seconds a car2go rental begins. Info: www.car2go.com


Parkeon has a presence in over 4,000 cities, in 55 countries worldwide, delivering world-class innovative, intelligent transportation and parking solutions for cities on the move. Our technical and engineering expertise ensures our market leadership introducing new and emerging payment technologies and underpins our innovative products and services. We have a wide and established global customer base including transit scheme owners, local authorities, transport and parking operators. They rely on Parkeon to provide effective solutions which enhance efficiency and deliver a significant return on investment. This is why Parkeon is the technology partner of choice, with a proven track record of continued success over 40 years. Info: www.parkeon.it

Joint Sponsor

REDAS engineering is a consultant company dedicated to the analysis and planning of transport systems, including passengers‘ and freight mobility on road, rail, by sea or air, locally, nationally and internationally. Activities proposed include: data collection, analysis and validation; definition and characterization of transport supply and mobility demand at present; reliable estimation of the evolution of mobility demand and its modal split in future scenarios, based on specific surveys (i.e. SP) and the use of traffic and/or econometric models; traffic modelling with macro, meso, micro and hybrid approach; implementation of technological and/or ITS systems as well as bike sharing and car sharing systems; CBA and MCA; environmental impact assessment; technical and economic feasibility studies. All activities can be contextualized (among others) in National or Local mobility plans and projects as the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans or in specific studies concerning soft mobility, pedestrians or bicycles/bike lanes, road and rail Public Transport systems, parking management, project involving private and public transport infrastructures, logistic and freight mobility. Info: www.redasengineering.it

REDAS engneering is Technical Partner and exclusive distributor for Italy of       and distributor of Transoft, CA Traffic, TraffiNow and Moovit.

Technical Sponsor

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.A is a multibusiness company that operates in the environment sector with the objective to provide its contribution to public administrations, companies and citizens for the solutions of problems and the achievement of important economic, social and environmental results. At Citytech it will present TCargo, the cargo bike with an onboard photovoltaic pedal assisted system that will combine ecological solutions with sustainable mobility. Info: www.ecologia.re.it/


Combining intelligent mobility and modern urban environment are nothing new in Finland. The Finnish MaaS ecosystem, supported by open data, APIs and progressive regulation, is a perfect example of this effort. In the ecosystem, companies as well as public organizations work together in developing, trialing and implementing innovative mobility services. Finpro is a Finnish trade organization, helping Finnish companies go international. With a long legacy in ICT and mobile solutions, Finnish providers are the experts that can deliver innovative and secure solutions in infotainment, connectivity, sensors and HMI, providing the edge needed for tomorrow’s vehicles. Info: www.finpro.fi


Free2Move is a leading mobility app available in more then 6 countries and that gives users access to a whole new experience of mobility by combining all carsharing and eScooter providers on one map. All available cars, scooters and bikes can be found and booked. Users can connect their existing carsharing accounts and/or sign up for more providers through Free2Move. Info: www.free2move.com


Jojob is born to intercept and meet the mobility needs of small and medium-sized companies and their employees.
Without sacrifice flexibility, we strive every day for the ambitious goal of driving less and less cars on the roads during the home-work journey by networking colleagues or employees of neighboring companies that travel the same route. Jojob consists in two tools: a site and an app, available on all major stores. On the website, each user finds the most convenient and useful contacts to share the home-work journey, saving and socializing. On the app, the true heart of the service, Driver and Passenger certify their carpooling trips and find out how much CO2 they saved by leaving one or more cars at home. Since February 2017, has also been active Jojob Ride, in order to manage even corporate travels in carpooling. Info: www.jojob.it


moovel Group GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Daimler AG, is working on simplifying mobility and making cities smarter. moovel is creating an Operating System for urban mobility that offers access to several mobility services, and partners with cities and transit agencies. In Germany, moovel’s mobility app combines public transport with carsharing (car2go), mytaxi, bikesharing and German rail (DB). Most services can be booked and paid for directly via the moovel app. With its product portfolio moovel transit, moovel delivers white label solutions to transit agencies worldwide. In the U.S., moovel North America is the market leader in mobile ticketing solutions for transit agencies. Info: www.moovel-group.com 


The Moovit app has everything you need to travel on public transport the smartest, speediest and easiest way possible. By combining information from public transport operators and authorities with live information from the user community, Moovit offers travelers a real-time picture and the fastest and most comfortable routes. The more people use Moovit, the more real-time information concerning buses and trains is distributed. Moovit is available and free to download in over 1.400 cities in 77 countries worldwide for over 60 million users. Info: www.moovitapp.com


ofo is the world’s first and largest station-free bike sharing platform. Founded in 2014, it has already connected more than 8 million bicycles; it has provided over 100 million unique users in 170 cities across 9 countries, with 3 billion efficient, convenient, green rides. ofo will be in other 20 countries by the end of 2017 and it’s now ready to enter in Italy. CityTech is our national preview. Info: www.ofo.com


Parquery AG is an official technology spin-off from ETH Zürich, Switzerland. We use innovative computer vision and deep learning algorithms to analyse images and provide smart city clients with real-time data through APIs (Software-as-a-Service). Our first solution is a smart parking management tool already in service in more than 20 cities. Today, in collaboration with industrial partners, Parquery is developing new smart mobility features to increase its portfolio mainly in mobility, transportation and logistics, with applications such as: real-time analysis of mobility flows in an urban environment; real-time passenger counting on-board public transport vehicles; and real-time optimization of freight management operations. Info: www.parquery.com


PTV SISTeMA was born in 2004 as a consulting company; it subsequently became a spin-off of the Department of Traffic Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome and from 2011 it’s part of PTV Group, a German company world leader in logistics and transportation systems. PTV SISTeMA currently has a workforce of 35 employees and is the main   technological development centre of PTV Group in the ITS field. SISTeMA provides software solutions and services for the management and the forecasting of traffic, for dynamic allocation, for travel and route planning and for infomobility applications. Info: www.ptvgroup.com


ReFeel eMobility is an innovative station-based electric car-sharing service offered to corporations with e-vehicles available for their own employees. It’s a flexible, eco-sustainable and convenient solution in order to move around in town during working hours and week-ends. Service set-up is for free, including the installation of the charging systems and the positioning of the cars, which are always accessible to users since they are located within clients’ premises. Users will only pay-for-use according to a simple, convenient and pricing scheme. Info: www.emobility.refeel.eu


Saba Parcheggi is part of the group Saba Infraestructuras, one of the leading names in car park and logistic park management, present in 5 international contexts: Spain, Italy,  Portugal, Chile and Andorra. The Saba Group, with about 1400 employees, is responsible for the management of more than 195.000 cars distributed in 368 centers. Saba Italia has developed an extensive management network that gives it a presence in 18 Italian towns and cities, where it controls around 28.000 car-parking spaces located in historical centres, shopping malls, expo zones, stations, airports, sea ports, bus terminals and hospitals. In Italy, we operate in: Assisi, Verona, Trieste, Mestre, Cremona, Vignola, Bologna, Genova, Ascoli Piceno, Pisa, Perugia, Milano, Rieti, Roma, Sassari, Bari, Brindisi, Cosenza. Info: www.sabait.it


Targa Telematics, one of the leading players in the Internet of Cars market, develops high technology solutions for fleet management, asset management and insurance telematics. It is a central reference in smart mobility too, through the innovative car sharing platform that optimizes the efficient use of shared fleets both in the B2B market and in the B2C market. The high technological content of its solutions has also been confirmed by important awards. Its services are targeted mostly to rental cars, fleets, car manufacturers and insurance companies. Experience and innovation, the essence of Targa Telematics. Info: www.targatelematics.com


Ubeeqo is the first provider to offer station-based car sharing in Milan for both the business and the end consumers market. That means that the car has to be picked-up and returned in a specific park. The service offers several benefits to users:  the possibility to book a car well in advance to ensure the typology of car you need – from city cars to the family car up to the cargo van; knowing the costs in advance together with always having a place to park avoiding the parking nightmare close your house. Moreover, users can park in the blue or yellow lines and access Area C and fuel and insurance are always included. Ubeeqo is the only provider that allow users to go out from the city or to book a car for multiple days. Info: www.ubeeqo.com


Special Partner

Energica Motor Company is the first Italian high-performing electric motorcycles manufacturer. First Model Energica EGO is a zero emission sportbike with Made In Italy design: the perfect mix of technology and innovation. Energica Eva is a comfortable Streetfighter for enjoying riding and daily urban commuting. Energica Motor Company is listed at AIM Italia – Alternative Investment Market (Mercato Alternativo del Capitale), a multilateral trading facility, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and has a sales network in Europe and United States. Production facility based in Modena, the heart of Italian Motor Valley District. Info: www.energicamotor.com


Local Motors was created in 2007 by Co-founder and CEO John B. Rogers, Jr. LM operates under the belief that co-creation (the process of open collaboration for the design and development of vehicles) and micro-manufacturing can change the world of transportation.  As a technology company that designs, builds and sells vehicles, LM doesn’t just dream about the future, it dares to build it. LM makes its ideas big and its footprint small, reducing the need for capital and decreasing its environmental impact. Info: www.localmotors.com


The Breath is a simple system that adsorbs and disaggregates polluting molecules. Its low-impact indoor or outdoor technology uses the natural flow of the air to purify it. The air passes through the mesh fabric, where the nanomolecule-activated heart of this technology traps and disaggregates pollutants. The cleaner, more breathable air then continues its natural circle. Info: www.thebreath.it