Reconsidering the mobility
paradigm of the cities
of the third millennium

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New mobility


The challenge that our society is facing in the twenty-first century is that of having to manage an increasing number of people and goods moving in a shrinking space, with an infrastructural situation that no longer corresponds to changing social needs.


The constant and increasing urbanization is transforming our cities: in 2050 it is estimated that 7 billion people will be living within city contexts. At the same time, the tech boom is pushing for the creation of an increasingly interconnected and interoperable mobility and above all “on demand”.


The current demand for mobility is then generated by very different factors than in the past:
globalization has made the move to work more frequent and international;
the economic crisis has modified the type of movement;
 there is an evident demand for interconnected forms of mobility, pushing for the creation of Mobility Integrators;
culturally, leisure time has taken a greater importance than in the past, and the so-called "erratic" movement (ie: unpredictable) exceeded in Italy the systematic (typically: between home and working place) movement;
the time factor has become a decisive factor in choosing the means of transport: it is preferred, even though of higher costs, a means that ensures timely and accurate shifting.




Responding to the new needs, by meeting the mutant transport needs of people and goods, in an effective, efficient, safe and sustainable way;

Saving time and improving the quality of life, by maximizing the use and the development of economic, human and environmental resources;

❚ Favoring an approach that strategically enables the meeting of supply and demand, respects for the needs of the citizen and produces a multi-year development plan and the implementation of the agreed policies;

Developing an holistic approach, that places the same importance to the sustainability, to the needs of people and the environment that surrounds them.




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