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The White Paper on Mobility and Transport in Italy, presented during Citytech Rome on June 10, 2014 by the Observatory for Mobility and Transport of Eurispes, has highlighted the critical issues that characterize mobility in our country, criticals confirmed also by the XI ASSTRA report (May 2014). First of all, particularly deficit infrastructures, which oblige the citizen to the use of car, with a motorisation rates among the highest in Europe and a speed of movements among the lowest.


A situation that weighs heavily on the economy of families, forced to spend on private transport about the 13% of the total income. The lack of investment in the LPT is confirmed by the data on the use of the public transport, of the non-polluting or shared means of transport, which are little or very little used by the Italians, who show a generalized dissatisfaction with the transport system.


The fact that public transport is not seen as a real alternative to meet the need for mobility resulting from missed investment policy in infrastructure and fleet, but also from the old and inadequate situation of the transport itself, constantly denigrated and subject to attacks. It's not just a question of money, in fact. They are also used innovative strategies to support the industry and to retain the user.


For this reason, Citytech - BUStech and Autobus have decided, for the event scheduled on 26-27-28 October in Milan, to launch a "Call for Ideas", a large collection from the bottom of ideas, proposals and suggestions for revive the sector, which will be submitted directly to the Renzi Government and to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Everyone can participate: companies operating the service, manufacturers of innovative solutions, voluntary associations and social development, foundations and professional studies, experts in the field but also the end-users of public transport.


The idea can be described with a maximum of 140 characters and must be sent via the online form on the website May be made anonymously or signed in person. The personal information provided will not be made public anyway. The ideas will be disseminated via the website and social channels of the event, and will be the subject of debate during the Institutional Session of Citytech (October 27, 2014 in Milan).


See all the ideas 





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