Reconsidering the mobility
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"Feeding the planet. Energy for Life”, the theme of Expo 2015, also means ensuring sustainable mobility. Public transportation is an indispensable resource for cities of the future. Much of the Italian population, however, continues to consider unattractive the public means versus the private ones. Then, in order to bring citizens to use public transport, we must re-launch its image


Thus was born BUStech: a showcase that focuses on the technology of transport, moving along an urban circuit whose stops are called "eco-friendly", "technology", "innovation", "research" and "future." By what means of transportation will we make this trip? By bus, of course.


BUStech is a platform able to provide a distillation of the best technologies available today and re-launch their offer with a dedicated focus to the systems being tested. Institutions, transport companies and the industry are now required to make a system and open a table of consultation  with the objective of outlining the horizons of the future mobility.


The LPT (local public transport) is a resource for the country, not a cost. The current value of production is estimated at around 13 billion of euro, while direct employment reaches 130 thousand employees (1 percent  of the national total). Slowing down the process of change and curbing investment necessary for the LPT sector would mean giving up, including indirect and induced impacts, to approximately 17.5 billion of added value/year and 465 thousand units of work, considering the overall results on quality of life, on the country's competitiveness and business.


BUStech puts technology at the center of the debate and presents itself as a space where the industry has the opportunity to demonstrate that rethinking the concept of mobility is possible today.


The rethinking is not an end in itself, but responds to some real problems that the future lays: increasing world population, extensive urbanization, growth in energy demand, greater sensitivity to environmental impact. It therefore becomes crucial to Italy a rational use of city spaces by ensuring quick and easy  movements within them.


For this reason, the integration between the various systems of mobility is a priority and the technologies available today leave no room for excuses of any kind.



Unfortunately, Italy is lagging behind the European Community. The fleet has an average age of 11.7 years, compared with 5.4 in Germany. The registrations of urban vehicles decreased significantly and 2012, the latest figure available, registered only 622 units (against 3,567 in 2001). More than half of the fleet is represented by polluting means (52 percent 0 Euro - Euro 3) and the "eco-friendly" bus share is really marginal.


The signs of recovery are tangible. The industry is ready to go because, despite the sluggish market, has continued to invest in technology and innovation. Bus Euro 6, hybrid, electric and fuel cell are not science fiction, but reality: industrialized and available on the market (and circulating in many cities of the world).


BUStech will bring together leading manufacturers of buses and components, and within three days of Citytech, you will be able to draw on a blank sheet the networks of tomorrow. An open discussion will bring together around a "table" manufacturers, transport companies and institutions.



As in the tradition of Citytech, within a day BUStech will deliver the microphone and the stage to the transport companies that will have the opportunity to tell their own field experience. In a period of  resource scarcity and rising costs of management, many realities, which can diversify and offer a detailed proposal, are emerging on the market.


The case history will be told directly by the protagonists and it will catalyze the attention of both the vehicle manufacturers and the institutions. Specifically, companies have access to the conference sessions that will present  their technologies and their vision of mobility. This is a real first national, where the world's leading manufacturers will exhibit showcase the present and the future of LPT and present it to an audience made up of transport companies and local and national institutions.



The bus is an "urban animal" that cannot be confined within a hall. For this reason, BUStech is located in the heart of the city with a space open to citizenship.


In addition to a static show, manufacturers will have the opportunity to demonstrate on the road the efficiency of vehicles. The involvement of companies producing high-tech components will be substantial. What you do not see, in fact, many times makes the difference. And the experience of a journey "told" is the only way to create awareness and opinion.


Is there so much difference between an automatic transmission and an automated transmission? Are the alternative vehicles really ready to put themselves at the service of citizenship? The road tests are one of the many distinctive elements of BUStech.















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