Reconsidering the mobility
paradigm of the cities
of the third millennium

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In order to talk about New Mobility it is neccesary a close interaction and confrontation among the main stakeholders, because only a collaboration between the actors of politics, economy and society can lead the creation of a positive-sum outcome and can generate consensus for politics, services for the citizens, orders for the economic operators.

The Workshop during which politicians, industrialists, companies and associations have discussed, were:



Flying high. Urban Cable cars to move around cities

Inexpensive and with important transport capacities, Cable Cars are the new frontier of urban mobility and many local governments are planning to implement them.


The bicycle's use can generate economic benefits in UE equal to 200 billion Euros per year. Italy, main bike producer of Europe, is the country that most of all could profit of it.

Smart Parking for Smart Cities

The latest news on parking in Italy and abroad, organized in partnership with Aipark.


Children's Mobility

Changes of mobility patterns that had modified the relations between children and the city and their approach to mobility.




Sexy Local Public Transport

Communication strategies to enhance the Local Public Transport's image and encourage its use among citizens, making it attactive and sensual.

Smart Mobility: the new frontiers of Car-Sharing and Infomobility

The latest trends of Car-Sharing and corporate Car-Sharing, with applications in Europe and Italy, the pilot project of the first electric Car-Sharing on a motorway highway and the new Apps and  mobile technologies are a revolution in urban transport management, make services more usable and easy and their development is a business opportunity.

Mobility and parking Management Policies

The workshop organized by the Municipality of Milan and AMAT within the project TIDE, Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe and the processing path of PUMS - Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan for Milan.

The Local Public Transport as field of economic and social importance

A workshop to relaunch the Local Public Transport and invert the trend of budget cuts for managing companies. To generate economic growth, occupation and a more sustainable life-style.

Download the Citytech brochue with the entire program of the workshops







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