Reconsidering the mobility
paradigm of the cities
of the third millennium

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Sexy Local Public Transport


Tuesday 29th of October 2013

9.00 – 11.00 AM


Sala Corridoio


The Local Public Transport is an indispensable resource for the city, but it is increasingly subject to harsh attacks by advertising aimed to denigrate its use. As if that were not enough, most of the Italian population continues to consider buses, trams, subways and trains as an unattractive alternative  compared to the car. To increase the use of the Local Public Transport is therefore necessary to re-launch its image to make it fresh and sparkling, in a word, sexy.



Massimo Cirri, radio host of Caterpillar, Radio2 Rai

Gianni Scarfone, General Manager of ATB Bergamo and member of UITP Commission Marketing and Product Development.



Simone Tornabene, Head of Digital Cemit DS



Blanka Brozova, Project Manager of ROPID - Prague, Czech Republic.

Sylvie Cappaert-Blondelle, Communication Director of UITP

Luigi Contestabile, Head of Sustainability of Trenitalia

Koen De Broeck, Mobility and Development Manager of De Lijn - Belgium

Guido Del Gobbo, Head of VRM Bombardier

Sergio Massari, Head of Marketing of ATM Milano

Alessandra Mennella, President of the Association Napoli Città Intelligente

Robert Sahlberg, Business Developing Manager Karlstadsbuss - Sweden

Valeria Teti, Head of Marketing and Communication ANM Naples

Proto Tilocca, Marketing Planning Manager CTM Cagliari

















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